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Hair Follicle

Hair Follicle Treatment,
it Gets to the Root of the Problem!

Major damage to hair can be attributed to dugs of abuse such as alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines, heroin, benzodiazepines etc… These and other pollutants can cause major damage to the structure and texture of the hair.
The afterburner is the only permanent hair follicle treatment scientifically formulated to revitalize the hair and restore it to its natural state for cleaner, healthier, shinier hair.

For hair follicle cleansing, we offer unique formulas that are specifically designed to help lower the toxic levels of contaminants in the hair. Our potent hair follicle detoxification system is the absolute strongest solution available anywhere and has been put to the test with superior results. Successfully remove the toxins from your hair with the afterBurner™ hair follicle treatment!

afterBurner™ - The Hottest Solution Available For Your Hair Cleansing Needs!

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afterburner Nitro™ - Hair Follicle treatment for Short and Long Hair
Light User Cleanse

Formulated to safely and naturally remove toxins from the hair shaft and hair follicles without damaging the hair. Two ounces of this bottle is required for short hair (may apply twice if you have multiple toxin use) or you may use 2 ounces on short hair and 2 ounces on other body hair. Four ounces of this bottle is required for long hair (hair below the shoulders). Process takes about 20 minutes per wash. Afterburner is a permanent cleanse and not a masking agent. If you still have toxins in your blood stream at the time of application, you have about 7-10 days of clean time to test, but if your system is clean from toxins, then your hair will remain clean permanently, therefore, It is recommended that you use the product 1-2 days prior to your test.

Note: You will need 1 gallon of Distilled Water and baking soda for complete process.

Package includes 1 four ounce bottle Afterburner and complete and thorough instructions for application.

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How This Works!

Toxic buildup in human hair is the direct result of environmental conditions and pollutants encountered in every day life. Damaging toxic elements in the hair can be attributed to a number of things such as chemicals found in hair sprays, color treating, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, shampoos, conditioners, and many pool cleaning chemicals such as chlorines and acids. Personal diet and eating habits also play a major part in the healthiness and overall appearance of the hair.

Every time a toxin is introduced into your system, the blood carries it through the veins depositing little bits of the toxins here and there throughout your body. As you can see from the diagram, toxins are deposited into the shaft of the hair. afterBurner™ hair follicle cleansing formula penetrates to the core (Cortex) of the hair shaft to reduce the toxic buildup in the hair. The entire process takes less then 1 hour to complete.


afterBurner™- The Hottest Solution Available for Your Hair Testing Needs!!

This revolutionary product is the most reliable hair follicle detoxification formula available anywhere! Use the afterBurner™ with the Perma Cleanse™ total body detox programs and your body and hair will be permanently cleansed unless toxins are re-introduced into the body. The afterBurner™ formula is the most reliable solution for hair follicle cleansing on the market today! How does it work? afterBurner™ penetrates to the core (Cortex) of the hair shaft to dissolve and remove trapped detectable toxins.
How long does it take for afterBurner™ to work?

Application time is approximately 1 hour.
Will afterBurner™ be detected in a hair analysis?

Absolutely NOT! afterBurner™ rinses clean, leaving no residual traces.
Why is afterBurner™ more expensive than the rest?

When deciding which brand to choose, keep in mind that you get what you pay for! This is the strongest formula available. You will not find the unique proprietary blend of ingredients we use in any other shampoos or hair follicle treatments you are considering.
Is afterBurner™ safe and will it damage my hair?

afterBurner™ is safe for use on all external body hair. While using afterBurner™, you will feel a strong tingling sensation of the scalp. Afterwards, you may experience temporary dryness of the hair, however, no permanent damage will be done. This does not "burn" the hair.